Weleda Calendula Baby Bar Soap, 3.5 Oz

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Contains 1 - 3.5 Ounce Calendula Soap

Vegan, vegetarian, free from synthetic fragrances, colorants, preservatives and raw materials derived from mineral oils.

Dermatologically tested.

Calendula Soap is a vegetable oil based soap that is certified Natural by NATRUE, with calendula and chamomile plant extracts to gently clean your skin.

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Weleda Calendula Soap is a gentle bar cleanser for baby's bath time. Baby's delicate skin gets mild cleansing with this all natural baby bath soap. Baby's delicate skin gets mild cleansing with this soothing bar soap. It's a lightly fragrant, moisture-balancing bar that's perfect for your baby's sensitive skin. It is formulated with biodynamic and organic calendula flower extract and organic chamomile flower extract to soothe your baby's skin and render it soft and supple. Biodynamic iris root extract balances the essential moisture of your baby's delicate skin.