Universal Electronics/Accessories Soft Carrying Case Bag, Durable & Light-Weight,Suitable for Out-Going, Business, Travel and Cosmetics Kit(Black)

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High quality -- made from molded polyester fiber that’s durable and solid, thus keeping all of your electronics and their accessories safe and secure. Sturdy zipper secures the case and adds functionality. Semi waterproof.

Conveniently accommodate phone, iPod, GPS, selfie stick, digital camera, charger, batteries, power adapters, power bank, hard drive, Memory cards, earphone & more!

Multiple usage -- also can be used as a healthcare kit bag, or small grooming kit or cosmetics bag

The slim profile of the case makes it very easy to fit inside of carry-ons, purses, backpacks, bags & more, So you can take all of your electronics with you wherever you go.

Structure -- one inner mesh pockets for cables, USB, SD card, SIM card or other small items; One inner pocket for smartphone, slim Power bank, credit cards, cash money etc

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You need a simple and stylish bag! Find what you need in time and give you a clean living space!