THAYERS Peppermint Witch Hazel Body Bar, 5 OZ (164066)


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Aloe Vera Formula cleanses and moisturizes natural Remedies.

Cruelty Free.

Cleanses and moisturizes. Restores the skin while stirring the senses.

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Thayer's body Bar Soap with witch hazel and Aloe Vera peppermint, the Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera moisturizing body Bar is 83% organic and 100% natural. Inspired by your love for our various witch hazel toners and astringents, our body Bar comes in three different scents, rose petal, citrus and peppermint. Aloe Vera Formula can moisturize skin without you feeling greasy. These properties also aid in dry and itchy skin relief. Witch hazel is antibacterial and antiseptic properties allow it to naturally and subtly clear skin of oil which can cause blackheads.