Spongeables Anti-Cellulite Body Wash in a Sponge, Wild Flowers Scent, Spa Cellulite Massager, Moisturizer and Exfoliator, 20+ Washes, 4 oz Sponge, Pack of 1

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PREMIUM QUALITY: Each sponge is infused with an exquisite blend of ingredients shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite

DUAL-TEXTURED: Use the buffer to treat cellulite, exfoliate, and soften skin; use the soft side to cleanse and moisturize

SUPERIOR HYDRATION: Contains a moisturizing blend of olive oil and vitamin E to keep your skin hydrated and healthy all day long

JUST ADD WATER: The soap is already in the sponge, so you just add water and squeeze to release the foamy cleanser and start scrubbing

LONG LASTING: The soap will last for 20+ washes, and the sponge can be used with your favorite moisturizing body wash or cleanser long after the soap has been used up

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Olive Oil and Vitamin E Dry skin lacks the moisture needed to keep skin free of cellulite, so all of our Anti-Cellulite sponges contain a moisturizing blend of olive oil and vitamin E that hydrates your skin and keeps it feeling soft and supple all day long. Seaweed Extract Natural Rhodofiltrat Sea Extract enhances micro-circulation and helps prevent dimpling on fatty areas. It helps your skin retain moisture and reduces inflammation. Your skin will look better and better with every use. Caffeine This powerful anti-oxidant can help smooth skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It helps calm irritated and reddened skin caused by sun damage and improves circulation. Featuring patented, revolutionary foam-release technology, this body sponge contains an exquisite blend of cleanser, moisturizing olive oil, seaweed extract, caffeine, and floral fragrance that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth after every use. Just add water to create a luxurious, at-home spa experience and release the rich lather. Directions for use: Thoroughly wet sponge and squeeze to release the creamy lather. Use the soft side to cleanse and moisturize. Flip it over and use the textured side to treat cellulite. Massage briskly in circular strokes over problem areas. When finished, squeeze out any excess water and store in a dry place until next use.