so lvly Skin Care Eye Cream Moisturizer and Soothing Effect Cucumber & Vitamin-E 0.7 Fl Oz

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A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE: Using so lvly skincare eye cream is an extremely satisfying experience! Enjoy its refreshing and soothing effect thanks to its unique blend of Cucumber and Vitamin-E, an excellent option to moisturize and fortify the delicate skin around your eyes, put a delightful ending to a long day with the most relaxing and skin-friendly experience.

A UNIQUE BLEND: Our perfectly balanced mixture of ingredients makes so lvly skincare eye gel the ultimate relaxation elixir which helps to decrease the appearance of fine lines in your eyelids.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: so lvly skincare eye gel is formulated with natural ingredients, a fabulous eye treatment to decrease those eye aging bags, dark circles, and aging lines.

YOUR SKIN NEEDS A RESTORATION: Experience the multiple benefits of lvly skincare eye gel alike its nourishing, moisturizing, and soothing skincare effects. The absolute restoring treatment for your skin.

IDEAL FOR ANY SKIN TYPES: Paraben and alcohol free Include as part of your skincare routine day and night for optimal results. Our products are delivered in a protective bag, ensuring an easier and safer handling.

Cucumber and Vitamin E are the perfect power pair in this refreshing and soothing Eye Contour Gel by so lvly. Moisturizes and fortifies the delicate skin around the eyes. .Natural ingredients like Cucumber and Vitamin E help reduce the appearance of fine lines. .Include as part of your skincare routine day and night for optimal results Paraben and alcohol free.Ideal for all skin types

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