SHANY Paraben Free Powder Blush - VITAL

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Short Descriptions

SHANY silky textured blushes creates a natural glow and fresh looking skin.

Achieve an instant pop of color & soft shimmer with simple sweep on the cheeks.

Long lasting HD paraben free powder formula, highly saturated colors, single pop up compact case.

Great for travel, on the go makeup. Pair with a brush set and you are set.

Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A - Not Tested on Animals - Member of PETA

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Natural beauty or 1940s glam, Boho Chic or Punk Rock Princess, whatever you decide to be today, the SHANY powder blush can help take you there. Our powder blush comes in a range of beautiful colors for all skin tones and moods. These shades have a touch of glow to create beautifully glamorous or professional contoured looks. Applied with the SHANY angled Kabuki brush, this long-lasting blush will glide on smoothly and feel like nothing at all. Its high quality formulation is made without Paraben.