SHANY Limited Edition Mini Tote Bag and Travel Makeup Bag, Coral

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Short Descriptions

It's large enough to fit all your makeup, yet small enough to take with you on the go.

It’s a cozy tote bag, it’s great for when you are on the and want to carry your favorites

Comes in different colors (red, yellow, black, blue, and purple) choose your color.

Easy to wash and resistant to heat. Will not lose color after being washed

Product Dimensions: 5" Length x 2" Width x 3" Height

Product Info

SHANY (101)


Stay organized while traveling. This travel makeup bag is perfectly shaped to fit securely into your suitcase and purse. Made out of nylon with a zip-around top, this bag will hold your favorite beauty products and bath necessities. It's very easy to wash and resistant to heat. Each piece includes a leather shany logo hacked in the front. Each unit also includes a little handle to make searches easier or for convenient carriage. Shany mini tote bags are made of nontoxic paint and may come with some surprises inside. Purse sized and convenient.