Rice Kasu Beauty Handmade Facial Soap, Unscented, 3 Ounce

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Short Descriptions

Improves the health of all skin types including senstitive skin

Beneficial acids from RICE KASU naturally exfoliate skin for a deep cleanse

Amino acids from RICE KASU restore and replenish moisture to hydrate skin

Linoleic Ferulic and Kojic acid found in RICE KASU inhibit the development of pigmentation which brightens skin

Original rice scent with no essential oils added

Imported from USA.

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Product Info


Rice Kasu Beauty is natural skin care made from rice kasu, a fermented rice product rich in amino acids, peptides and enzymes to cleanse, moisturize and brighten skin. This facial soap conveniently and gently cleans, nourishes and improves all skin types. Naturally rice scented with no added fragrances.

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