Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliner, Royal Rules, 0.042 Ounce


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Smooth-gliding, waterproof gel pencil eyeliner creates a shiny vinyl finish

Longwearing gel formula wears for up to 16 hours

Available in a variety of shades from everyday staples to the key trend shades of the season, you can collect them all to mix & match and create a multitude of daring, fierce eye looks!

Righteous Rum is a deep burgundy shade and key trend color for FW2019. Featuring a vinyl finish, Righteous Rum distributes bold pigmentation in one swipe for seamless application

Modern, elevated packaging features a vinyl finish and unique tinted black cap

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New Revlon So Fierce! Vinyl Eyeliner is a brand new eye liner innovation that delivers a shiny vinyl finish, bold pigmentation and 16 hours of wear - all in an easy to use pencil! The So Fierce! Vinyl Eyeliner comes in 6 vinyl finish shades, from everyday staples to trend shades of the season, so you can collect them all. Midnight Mystery (Black Eyeliner) Mighty Mocha (Brown Eyeliner) Force of Steel (Charcoal Eyeliner) Righteous Rum (Burgundy Eyeliner) Powerful Plum (Black Violet Eyeliner)