Revlon Rubberized Double Grip Black Hair Clips, 6 count

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Short Descriptions

Patented rubberized double grip clips

Grip dots for double holding power

Comb teeth for easy glide thru your hair

All day hold

Product Info

Helen Of Troy (39)


Revlon’s inspiration is beauty – and committed to the positive impact it has on our lives. The passion for beauty and what makes you feel beautiful translates to our commitment to achieve stunningly beautiful hair effortlessly with the latest technology and styling solutions to empower you to create hair styles that make you look and feel beautiful. Our hair styling tools are engineered with technological innovation to help support less damage and feature style advancements to create the looks you love. ABOUT THE PRODUCT: With the Essentials Black Rubberized Double Grip Clips it doesn’t matter if you have thin or thick hair, the grip dots and the comb teeth provide double holding power that will keep your hair looking stunning all day long. With rubberized finish for extra strong hold.