Revlon Emeryl File (Pack of 3)
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₹1,989.00  Sold By: CrowdSpring International

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Short Description

Unique Emeryl material files nails quickly and helps prevent splitting

One side shapes the other smooths for salon-quality results at home

Gentle yet durable lasts a lifetime

Lifetime guarantee

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  • SKU : MS005B32AC00
  • Brand : REVLON


Precision Crafted Hand Inspected Quality As America's leading manufacturer of implements, we take great care to see that every one meets exacting design and quality specifications.  The implement in your hands is made of the finest materials and are fully inspected to assure exceptional performance. Revlon Lifetime Guarantee - On metal implements against manufacturing defects for the life of the implement. Repair or replacement (at our option) at No Charge if implement fails to perform because of defective materials or workmanship.  To Return:  Wrap securely in a box or mailing tube - Do Not use an envelope.  Enclose name, address, zip and description of defect.  Print return address on outside.  Mail, insured and Postage Paid to Revlon Implement Svc. Dept., 196 Coit St., Irving, NJ  07111.  Allow about 4 weeks for return.  Notify us within 3 months if implement is not returned.  Guarantee Is Not Applicable if implement has been serviced by other than Revlon, abused or allowed to rust.  Keep lightly oiled in a dry place to prevent rusting.  Servicing:  Revlon will overhaul an implement (or replace at our option) - hone blades, realign points, replace springs, etc. - at a small service charge:  $2.00 for scissors and nippers, $0.50 for all others (subject to change).  Mail as directed above. There's a Special Revlon Grooming Implement for Every Need.