Neud Carrot Seed Premium Face Wash For Men & Women, White, 300 Ml (Pack Of 1)

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    • This premium personal care product from NEUD is infused with pure carrot seed extract and is naturally pHbalanced.

    • NEUD Carrot Seed Face Wash not only cleans sweat, oil, pollution and grime, but also restores freshness of your delicate facial skin.
    • Oleic acid and geraniol in carrot seeds ease off skin inflammation and inhibit enzymes that cause dermatitis.
    • Carrot seed extract is a natural powerhouse of vitamin A, ?, ? and ? carotenes, and carotenoids, all of which are essential for youthful, healthy facial skin. It contains potent antioxidants that prevent skin cell damage caused by free radicals, UV radiation and pollution.
    • NEUD Carrot Seed Face Wash is free from harmful chemicals and is suitable for all skin types in men and women.

More Details
Brand NEUD
Ideal For : Adult
Product Quantity : 300 Ml
Skin Type : Acne Prone,Dry,All Skin Types
Application Area : Face
Item Form : Liquid

    Neud Carrot Seed Premium Face Wash For Men & Women (300 Ml) Your Face Wash Should Not Only Clean Away Layers Of Sweat, Oil, Pollution And Grime, But Also Restore The Freshness Of Your Delicate Facial Skin. Neud Carrot Seed Face Wash Helps Maintain The Skin’S Youthful Radiance With Each Use. Potent Antioxidants In Carrot Seed Extract Neutralize Free Radicals To Prevent Collagen Breakdown And Protect The Skin’S Ability To Repair Itself. A Unique Blend Of Nature And Science Combined With Purity And Care, The Deeply Cleansing Ph Balanced Neud Carrot Seed Face Wash Does Not Contain Any Harmful Chemicals. It Is Suitable For All Skin Types In Men And Women. When You Buy This Neud Carrot Seed Premium Face Wash, You Also Get A WaterResistant, Zipper Pouch Absolutely Free Inside Every Pack.

    A Secret Soothing And Refreshing Ingredient In Several Wellness Therapies, Carrot Seed Extract Is Known To Have Been Used By Ancient Indians, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, French And The Chinese. In Today’S Modern Times, Carrot Seed Is Fast Taking Over The Global Centerstage In Aromatherapy With Its EarthySweet, Warm And Woody Fragrance. Carrot Seeds Are A Naturally Loaded With The Superpowers Of Vitamin A, Carotenoids And Tocopherol That Reveal A YoungerLooking, Smooth Skin With Every Use. Specific Proteins In Carrot Seeds Exert Antioxidant Action To Remove Free Radicals And Slow Down Skin Degeneration. They Also Promote Generation Of New Skin Cells, Help Reduce Wrinkles & Scar Marks And Heal Wounds Faster. Oleic Acid And Geraniol In Carrot Seeds Ease Off Skin Inflammation And Inhibit Enzymes That Cause Dermatitis. Sesquiterpenes Such As Carotol And Ducol Lend Antifungal Properties To Neud Carrot Seed Face Wash. Flavonoid Luteolin Adds Effective Antibacterial Activity To Help Prevent Skin Infections. These Compounds Make Neud Carrot Seed Face Wash Naturally Effective In Managing Acne And Reducing PostAcne Scars. SweetSmelling Carvone, Limonene, Pinene And Linalool In Carrot Seeds Help Soothe Irritation And Itches To Give You A Soft, Smooth And BlemishFree Skin. Top Dermatologists Trust The Benefits Of Carrot Seed Extract In Skin And Hair Care.

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