Mettoo Emerald Green Body Foil, 50 Count

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Colors Skin Hair & Nails

Pure metallic finish

No Smudging

Wash away when finished

Lasts for hours

Imported from USA.

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The result of research and imagination, use this product with any body glue or mastic or glitter adhesive. Draw your design using freehand or stencils with a brush, or use craft stamps to apply the glue for specific shapes, use the manufacturers instructions for when the glue goes tacky and then dab the foil and watch the magic as the foil transfers to your skin. For larger designs the foil can keep being reapplied until all of the decoration is covered. Pure metallic and holographic shimmer and sparkle. Use as amazing eyeliner, color strands of hair or create amazing temporary tattoos. Match your nails and use under clear varnish. Your designs, your fabulous look and your individuality.

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