Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner with Moisturizers, Professional Line, 4 OZ

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Short Descriptions

Tough on dirt, grime, grease, oil, paint, ink, adhesives, caulk, grease, and pretty much anything that gets on your hands

Contains pumice, a by-product of volcanic activity that can be used as a soft abrasive

Moisturizers in the Lava formula keep your hands soft

Made from bio-renewable resources

Gets hands clean fast and moisturizes

Imported from USA.

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Product Info


Since 1893, do-it-yourselfers, coal miners, and oil rig workers have depended on the power of pumice in Lava to cut through even the toughest grease and grime. Lava's name was derived from one of its key ingredients--pumice. A by-product of volcanic activity, pumice is used in combination with other cleaning and moisturizing agents to clean and soften even the dirtiest of hands.

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