Jaws Aqua Suds Wear Shampoo, 4 oz.

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Short Descriptions

Naturally green formula

Works on all aqua wear

Neutralizes harsh pool chemicals

Removes odors, chlorine and salt

Safe to use on skin and hair

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Aqua suds is an naturally green solution for all of your aqua wear. Its fresh scent and unique blend of natural ingredients neutralize harsh pool chemicals while removing chlorine, salt, odors and organic residue. Aqua suds not only preserves the life and elasticity of your aqua wear, it's also non-comedogenic and safe on skin - made from ingredients so pure it can double as a shampoo and body wash - there's nothing else like it. Use Aqua suds on all your aqua wear including swimsuits, rash guards, tri-suits, wetsuits, drysuits, water ski wear, marine wear, scuba and snorkeling equipment, pool toys and more. Also use Aqua suds for hiking and snow ski wear, clothing and as a general cleaner. Clean it.. condition it.. preserve it.. Aqua suds it.