Himalaya Botanique Purifying Neem & Turmeric Handcrafted Bar Soap, Free from Parabens, SLS, Phthalates, Artificial Colors and Artificial Fragrances, 4.41 oz (125 g) 4 PACK

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Short Descriptions

PURIFY FOR A HEALTHY SKIN: Traditionally known for their purifying properties, Neem & Turmeric lather up to reawaken and purify your skin and to help keep it healthy every day.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Our bar blends 6 organic ingredients: Coconut oil, Cacao Seed butter, Olive oil, Castor oil, Neem and Turmeric.

SAFE & CLEAN : With No Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Phthalates, Gluten and Artificial Colors or Fragrances, our Botanique cleansing bar is ideal to wash & purify your skin

PLANT BASED: No animal ingredients and no animal testing

DOES NOT DRY SKIN: Unlike common soaps, our cleansing bar uses pure herbs with saponified emollient oils as a base, to gently cleanse while retaining your skin’s natural moisture.

Product Info



Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, a family owned company for three generations, has manufactured a complete line of pharmaceutical grade herbal products since 1930. With its global headquarters in Bangalore, India, Himalaya is the maker of LiverCare (internationally known as Liv.52), a best-selling liver support formula. Available in 76 countries with US headquarters in Houston, Texas, Himalaya’s herbal supplements contain 100% herbal extracts and are encapsulated in vegetarian Capsugel Vcaps. Himalaya combines the rich value of an old system of natural medicine with modern technology, including scientific assessment of efficacy using primary clinical research, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and quality controls, using sophisticated chromatographic “fingerprinting” techniques. Himalaya proudly carries the ISO-14001:2004 certificate of environmental management for its critical systems and procedures to control land, water and air pollution, as well as an ISO 9001:2001 certification, the most rigorous ISO conformance standard, for excellence in manufacturing as established by the International Organization for Standardization. In addition to manufacturing Himalaya Herbal Healthcare formulas, the company is also the maker of Himalaya Pure Herbs and Organique by Himalaya body care products, organically grown and free from over 200 synthetic ingredients. Handcrafted using pure certified organic herbs with saponified organic oils serving as a natural soap base. Neem, a time–honored botanical used for thousands of years to detoxify the body, and Turmeric, well–known for its antioxidant properties, empower this earthy cleansing bar to promote healthy, glowing skin. Leaves your body fresh and rejuvenated without dryness.