Exfoliating Brush for Ingrown Hairs Treatment and Razor Bump Therapy, Neck Leg Body Skin Exfoliator-Green

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Our exfoliating bristle brush is designed for both genders for your faces, necks, armpits, legs, or Bikini areas. And this brush massage the skin to release the ingrown hairs.

It not only works as an ingrown hair and razor bumps treatment tool, but also works as a scalp or body massager.

The numerous springy polymer bristles made of this product are embedded in the bottom of PVC massage brush, which can effectively adjust the brush Force, and make the skin feel comfortable when combing or massaging.

It has an ingenious handle which fits between your fingers for increasing the grip force although it wet. You can hold it firmly on your hand and apply the perfect pressure.

The handle is provided with holes which can be used for Threading rope, so that the product can be conveniently placed.

Imported from USA.

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Product features: exfoliates Dead skin prevents shaving irritation prevents razor bumps and ingrown hairs treatment stimulate blood flow and improve your skin appearance Use it Simply use the following 3 steps: 1. Use warm water to soften your skin, hair, and open your pores. 2. Brush in circular motions or against hairs grain for 15-30 seconds. Adjust the pressure you apply based on the sensitivity of the target area. Note: if you have a sensitive skin - Start with 5-10 motions per treated area, using only straight lines up in one direction – against the hair’s grain. Apply slight pressure (almost none), when exfoliating. 3. Use it daily, morning and night, to achieve the best results.

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