Everteen Natural Intimate Wash 7Ml Sachet – 36 Packs

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    • Helps maintain natural pH balance of the vaginal area

    • Prevents your intimate skin from infectioncausing bacteria, fungus, and yeast gently yet powerfully
    • Contains neem, tea tree oil, sea buckthorn and aloe vera, helps prevent inflammation, itching, burning sensation and foul smell.
    • Single use sachets are perfect for carrying in your purse for use in public restrooms and outdoor areas such as malls, offices, cinema halls, railway stations, airports and bus stands
    • everteen Natural Intimate Wash sachets are brought to you by everteen, the pioneer and leader in complete feminine intimate care products

More Details
Brand Everteen
Ideal For : Adult
Product Quantity : 180 Grams
Skin Type : All
Application Area : Vulva
Item Form : Liquid

    Regular Use Of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Sachets Helps Maintain The Natural Ph Balance Of The Lady Bits And Promotes Healthy Vaginal Flora. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Sachets Are The Perfect Substitute For Harsh, ChemicalBased Perfumed Gels, Antiseptics And Soaps That Can Upset The Ph Balance Of Your Vajayjay. A Must Have In Your Feminine Intimate Hygiene Kit, Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Sachets Help You Stay Fresh And Clean The Entire Day On The Move.

    Your Favorite Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Is Now Available In Convenient SingleUse Sachets! These Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Sachets Are Suited For Women Of All Ages And Skin Types. They Are A Perfect Companion For Girls Living In A Hostel, Working Women, Travel Enthusiasts, Ladies With A Busy Lifestyle, And Just About Any Woman Who Cares About Her Personal Intimate Hygiene At All Times. You Can Carry Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Sachets In Your Handbag At All Times And Use Them When Going To Public Restrooms, Malls, Offices, Bus Stands, Railway Stations, Airports Or Any Other Outdoor Venue. Everteen Intimate Wash Is Scientifically Designed To Promote The Body'S Natural Ph Balance Of Your Private Parts. With 100 Per Cent Natural Active Ingredients, Everteen Intimate Wash Has Been Trusted By Women The World Over. It Prevents You From Unpleasant Smell, Irritation And Rashes In The Intimate Areas Caused By Various Infections. Everteen Wash Sachets Contain Neem, Sea Buck Thorn, Aloe Vera And Tea Tree Oil. These Powerful Yet Gentle Natural Ingredients Protect You From Vaginal Infections Caused By Yeast Such As Candida, Bacteria And Fungi. They Also Help Prevent Itching, Inflammation And Burning Sensation, While Soothing, Nourishing And Healing Your Sensitive Skin.

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