Dermatone Medicated Lip Balm SPF 30, 0.15-Ounce, 2 Count

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Broad Spectrum SPF 30, UVA and UVB protection.

Dense formula helps prevent sunburn, chapping, and cracking.

Official sunscreen sponsor for the US Ski & Snowboarding Team.

Re-apply less with the dense formula that provides lasting protection.

2-Count, 0.15-Ounce Each

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Dermatone Lip Balms offer superior coverage and longer-lasting protection. A tried and true formula for years, tested in almost every imaginable environment, the medicated protection from Dermatone's medicated lip balm is a favorite among any Dermatone fan. Provides protection against the chapping wind, biting cold, and blazing sun. Created with a denser formula, so you need to re-apply less often. More than 30 years later, we haven't lost our focus. We realize that nature's elements are unforgiving and often unpredictable, and that quality skin protection can sometimes be the difference between success and failure, or even life and death.