Clairol Age Defy Permanent Hair Color, 4R Dark Auburn, 1 Count


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Clairol Age Defy, 4R Dark Auburn, Permanent Hair Color, 1 Kit

Our most advanced coverage for stubborn grays

Innovative Tri-Plex Formula helps protect hair structure and reduce hair breakage

Includes Intensifying Pre-Treat Serum and antioxidant-infused CC+ Color Seal Conditioning Therapy

100% advanced gray coverage

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They say you're only as old as you feel, and the same applies to hair. What do you want your hair to say? You can tell your story your way with the 100% advanced gray coverage of Clairol Age Defy permanent hair color. From the Intensifying Pre-Treat Serum to the antioxidant-infused Color Seal Conditioning Therapy, Clairol Age Defy is expertly designed to cover even the most stubborn grays for hair that looks younger. Plus, it includes our innovative Tri-Plex Formula to help protect hair structure and reduce hair breakage. So why wait? Live it up! With hair that looks 10 years younger, thanks to Clairol Age Defy.