Caruso Professional Jumbo Molecular Replacement Steam Hair Rollers with Shields, 6-Pack, 1-3/4" Inches

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6 JUMBO Replacement or Additonal Rollers for Caruso Steam Setters

Unique design to promote quick evaporation, a faster styling and setting time

Includes Roller Shields with unique lock to hold roller tightly in place

For Long Lasting Curls

Great for all Hair Types

Product Info

Helen Of Troy (39)


Caruso Professional is a brand that knows the potential of a great curl and the power of a full head of gorgeous curls. From the Molecular Steam Setters to the unique rollers and shields you have everything needed to create radiantly luxurious styles. ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Bolster your beauty collection with first-class styling appliances, Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Rollers with Shields. A quick heat-up and the unique design creates even moisture penetration, allows for breathing space between the foam roller and shield, and quick evaporation. Designed to allow use of a hair dryer or hood dryer for a faster styling and setting time. The unique shield lock holds rollers tightly in place helping the perfect curls form. The Jumbo, 1 ¾” size and convenient pack of 6 rollers and shields, make these rollers perfect for all hair types. Whether you need replacements or additional rollers the convenient 6-pack of rollers and shields is accommodating in creating gorgeous hairstyles.