Cara Moisturizing Eczema Cotton Gloves, Small, 24 Pair

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Short Descriptions

Comfortable 100% cotton gloves; aids the absorption of hand creams and ointments to prevent dry hands

Hypoallergenic and can also be used to conceal skin disorders; prevents staining of fabrics and clothing

Great value as machine washable and reusable

Perfect for material, photography, archival and art handling, jewelry, silver and coins inspections too

Each glove fits either hand and easy to get on / off

Imported from USA.

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These hypoallergenic 100% cotton gloves work effectively to aid the absorption of hand creams and ointments or to conceal skin disorders. They provide a comfortable fit and can be washed for re-use. For over 15 years, Cara has been dedicated to providing the consumer with quality, cost-effective products. Consumers have come to recognize the name Cara for value. Cara provides a broad line of reliable, high-quality, and economical Home Healthcare products with manufacturer warranty to provide complete consumer satisfaction. Note- Use the longest finger-length or hand-width measurement to find your accurate glove size in the below charts. If your longest measurement falls between sizes, order the larger glove size. Width Measurement: Wrap a tailor's measuring tape around your dominant hand just below your knuckles (excluding your thumb), and make a fist. This measurement is your hand width/circumference glove size. US Sizes 6-7 inches XS 7-8 inches S 8-9 inches M 9-10 inches L 10-11 inches XL 11+ inches XXL. Use as directed on package

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