Big Mare Canine Body Wash: Antibacterial / Antifungal. Clinically Proven Effective For Hot Spots, Dry Itchy Skin, Yeast, Dermatitis, Hair Loss & More. Veterinary Approved & Recommended.
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    OUR DELIVERY SYSTEM MAKES THE DIFFERENCE! Big Mare is the first in the animal wellness product industry to include CDS Technology in animal wound and skin care products. CDS is proven to deliver the highest quality ingredients where no other skin care system can-to the skins regenerative layers. By penetrating deep into the basal layer of the skin, it allows the subject to receive the full benefit of each ingredient. This results in skin and hair growing back healthier.

    RIGHT TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM: A fast and PROVEN effective, deep penetrating body wash. Stops itching and irritation and soothes the skin on contact. Effective for Hot Spots and Itching, Yeast infections, Staph infections, Pyoderma, Fold Dermatitis, Wounds, Stitches, Ring Worm, Chewing, Licking, Hair Loss, Flea Irritation, Allergic Reactions, Bug Bites and more. The Body Wash formula is LOW SUDSING and rinses like a dream. Your pet will have a soft shiny coat that looks and feels great!

    EXPERIENCE THE NEWEST & GREATEST HEALING POWER AVAILABLE FOR YOUR PET: Big Mare Canine Body Wash stops painful skin irritation in its tracks! Our no-sting formula quickly soothes irritated skin and penetrates deeply, right to the root of the problem and prevents any future skin issues. Big Mare works on contact, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and fungus with absolutely NO stinging or burning! All Big Mare Products are made in the USA, in an FDA approved Lab.

    ELIMINATE YOUR PETS PAIN AND DISCOMFORT ON CONTACAT AND FOR GOOD: Big Mare products are immediately soothing and calming when applied, thus making your pet happy and you happy too! All of the Big Mare products create a healthy healing environment! They TREAT, PREVENT, and MAINTAIN your pets healthy skin and coat.

    Big Mare is a company that is dedicated to providing animal wound and skin care products that work, are affordable and include the newest technology available.

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    RIGHT TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM: A non-soap, low sudsing formula that penetrates deeply into the skin to alleviate many causes of canine skin irritations. The body wash is effective on hot spots, dry skin, staph infections, ring worm, yeast, fungus, bacterial skin infections, rashes from allergies, hair loss and itching. Big Mare Canine Antimicrobial Body Wash kills organisms and bacteria that causes itching on contact. P.H. balanced for healthy skin and shiny coat. This product will not sting or strip natural oils from the skin. 99.9% effective against bacteria. Monthly maintenance is recommended to prevent reoccurring symptoms

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