Bed Buddy Back Wrap Heat Pad - Microwaveable Heating Pad - Moist Heating Pad and Cold Pack for Back Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Muscle Pain

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Nylon ( 100 %)

DO NOT OVERHEAT. Microwave heating times vary DO NOT overheat heating pad. DO NOT use convection function do NOT leave Bed Buddy unattended while heating. ALWAYS touch-test product should be warm NOT hot. See tag on your bed buddy for additional details

TARGETED MOIST HEAT. The heating pad microwavable provides doctor recommended moist heat for sciatica pain relief as well as to relieve sore muscles of the neck, shoulder, arm, leg, knee, and back with instant, soothing warmth

HOT OR COLD THERAPY. The pain relief wrap can be placed in the microwave for heat therapy or the freezer for soothing cold therapy. Relieve back pain, shoulder pain, neck or knee pain with hot or cold therapy from Bed Buddy Wraps.

COMPLETE MOBILITY. This heat pack is similar to a rice heating pad microwavable but ours can be comfortably secured with the built-in strap. Enjoy your mobility while you enjoy the soothing relief of hot or cold therapy pain relief

LOWER BACK PAIN RELIEF. Lower back pain is the worst. This microwave heating pad will provide the instant pain relief, fibromyalgia pain relief or neuropathy pain relief you are looking for. Trust Bed Buddy, a leader in microwavable heating pads

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Directions For Heat Therapy For Heat Therapy Treatment Microwave wrap at standard power per table below. Let wrap sit in microwave for 1 minute after heating. Use the following chart below for heating time based on microwave wattages. 600W - 1:15 minutes 900W - 0:50 seconds 1200W - 0:37 seconds CAUTION: DO NOT OVERHEAT YOUR BED BUDDY, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON THE TAG ALWAYS HEAT YOUR BED BUDDY NEXT TO A CUP OF WATER For Cold Therapy Treatment Place Bed Buddy in the freezer for several hours Apply Bed Buddy to the body pain area  Bed Buddy Back Wrap Heat Pad - Microwaveable Heating Pad - Moist Heating Pad and Cold Pack for Back Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Muscle Pain Product description  (optional) : Carex Bed Buddy Back Wrap Microwave Heating Pad and Back Heating Pad - A large heating pad that is great for lower back pain relief and a shoulder heating pad for shoulder pain relief.    Instantly soothe your tired and sore muscles in your neck, shoulders, or body. The bed buddy microwaveable back wrap heating pack will treat tired and sore muscles with the instant soothing warmth of moist heat. The bed buddy back wrap is luxurious and soft and the large universal shape molds to the body for ultimate comfort. This long lasting and reusable therapy pack is filled with 100% natural grains.   Treat Your Aching Back Muscles Great for hot or cold therapy. Simply place in the microwave or the freezer for soothing, relaxing pain relief. Heat Therapy: Provides relief for sore or tense muscles, arthritis pain, back pain, or just as a way to stay warm during the winter! Cold Therapy:Provides you with a refreshing feeling on a hot summer day or to relieve inflammation or swelling.  Reusable and Easy To Use Durable and well crafted heating rice pad that is built to last you for years. Reuse over and over again. Get multiple heating pads for the whole family to enjoy - or get ready to be sharing yours!  Instant Pain Relief Our Bed Buddy microwave heating pad is easy to prepare; relax and feel the stress and pain leave your body.  Pain treated:   Heating Pad Specs:  Type: Back wrap, Neck and shoulder wrap Product Weight: 3 lbs Product Dims (h x w x d): 12" x 13" x 1" Color: Blue Filled with Natural Grains for Hot or Cold Therapy  WARNING! EXTREME TEMPERATURES CAN CAUSE INJURY.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW DEVICE INSTRUCTIONS AND TO HEED WARNINGS INCREASES RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY. OVERHEATING MAY CAUSE FIRE. HEAT TIMES: 600W - 2:15, 900W - 1:30, 1200W - 1:07

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