About Body Spa Shave 4-Blade Disposable Razors; 4 Razors per Package; Premium Disposable Shavers With Coconut Oil Moisture Pad Glide Smoothly Over Body; Adjusts to Curves for Close, Delicate Shave

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Adjusts to curves for close.

Effortlessly in hard to reach or open areas.

Desired feel and smooth finish.

Imported from USA.

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About Body Spa shave 4-blade disposable razors, curve-hugging and designed to fit every bend of the body, The pivoting head adjusts to leg, underarm and bikini-area contours gliding effortlessly in hard to reach or open areas. Whether preparing for date night, sprucing up for a Honeymoon retreat or just enjoying the morning routine, The ultra-thin 4-blade razor ensures a close, comfortable shave and easy rinse. With each pass of the shaver, skin feels smooth, soft, moistened, soothed, restored, hairless, comfortable, unblemished and frictionless; shave unwanted body hair with the trusted About Body brand. Women, men, athletes, dancers, teens, parents, adults and musicians can all benefit from a closer shave; closer shaves require less repetitive shaving for a desired feel and smooth finish. Each disposable shaver comes equipped with a protective blade cover to protect the user or anyone sharing the bathroom; remove prior to use and then cover the razor when finished shaving.

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