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Fabric Decorating

Fabric decoration is art too. People love to decorate their dresses with various colorful beads and pins. The section includes different beads to create beautiful patterns on a simple 

piece of cloth. This section is helpful to turn a simple and boring piece of cloth into an interesting one. People can buy colorful decorative pieces to decorate their dresses and clothes 

and enjoy the old cloth, the new way.

The section also has fabric glue to stick beads and other decorative articles firmly to the cloth so that they do not come out of the cloth while washing or handling it. One can also find 

decorative glass pieces to create beautiful glass patterns on the cloth. This makes the cloth more beautiful and attractive. We also have decorative cloth design patterns to create 

multiple patterns on the cloth you wish to. 

There are times when our cloth is torn in such a way that stitching it ruins its beauty. Hence, to make it look beautiful people use patches. We have different types of patches to cover 

such as a torn piece of cloth of kids and even adults. Ribbons, laces, net cloth pieces, and multiple other fabric decorative pieces are available here to choose from. These pieces add a 

new touch to your old clothes and make them interesting enough to use again.

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Total 776Products